About CAMDUSTER cleaning robot
The CAMDUSTER Bullet ONE cleaning robot cleans regularly the lenses of security cameras automatically, without any human interaction. It removes spider-web, dust, small particles, sand, dirt, cobweb. The result is a shiny lens, no more cobwebs, dust on night images of very important security cameras.

The CAMDUSTER cleaning robot, compared to traditional cleaning solutions is more efficient, cost effective and it cleans security cameras regularly.

Where we recommend the CAMDUSTER cleaning robot?
– outdoor security cameras on squares, streets, buildings
– license plate, face recognition cameras
– indoor security cameras in dust environment like factories, warehouses, mines, garages

What are the key advantages of CAMDUSTER security camera cleaning robot?
– cleans regularly the lens of the security cameras
– gives crystal clean images even on night vision mode on security cameras
– increases efficiency of very important security cameras
– replaces the expensive manpower – reduction of cleaning costs
– long service life
– maintenance free
– easy installation in just a few minutes, plug and play
– environmentally friendly
– reduces the possibility of work accidents for camera maintenance staff
– set the period of cleaning from once a week to a few times per day

What is included in package?
– CAMDUSTER Bullet ONE cleaning robot
– Special cleaning brush with two actions (cleaning the lens, cleaning the surrounding for cobwebs and dust)
– Kit for attaching the robot to security camera (fit for most bullet cameras)
– DC splitter for powering the robot for traditional surveillance system
– POE power separator for powering the robot for POE surveillance system
– Installation manual for spider-web, dust remover security camera cleaning robot

Download: Product sheet

Download: Installation manual

* Note: the surveillance camera is not included in package.

** Current lead time for standard orders is 15 days.


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